Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is a growing market with a growing number of discerning travellers. The market is undergoing a big change, as ideas about luxury have rapidly changed from an emphasis on ‘things’ to ‘experiences’.

Personal fulfillment is increasingly a focus of modern luxury travelers, according to Catherine Heald, CEO of Remote Lands, which specialises in luxury travel to Asia. Guests are seeking more authentic experiences and wellbeing-focused itineraries, as well as climate-conscious options.

A wide range of upscale hotels, resorts and destinations are competing for a share of the market. These hotels have to stand out from the crowd to be competitive and to keep their guests happy and returning.

Personalized travel is increasingly the way forward, with 80% of travellers saying they’d be willing to pay more for travel that’s tailored to their preferences and lifestyle. This means that hotels, tour operators, cruise lines and lodges must offer a high level of service, ensuring their guests’ needs are met.

The right ambiance is key to creating a luxurious atmosphere for your guests. Many of today’s affluent travellers are looking for unique destinations and resorts that are not only comfortable but also sustainable, and that offer exceptional service.

Flexibility is important to the modern luxe traveler, with early and late check-ins in demand. This can be achieved by providing a no-fee cancellation policy, as well as flexible itineraries.

To create a successful luxury travel writing career, you need to be able to find outlets that are looking for your type of stories. The best way to do this is to build a diverse magazine distribution list that covers both pure travel and lifestyle magazines.

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