Luxury Travel is a rapidly expanding niche of the tourism industry. Whether you’re selling a cruise, tour group experience or hotel lodge, it’s important to understand how to market to the right consumers and differentiate your business from your competition.

The 5 C’s of Luxury Travel

A key component to modern luxury travel is the inclusion of personalised experiences. Dedicated travel planners work to understand your preferences and build trips that match those needs. This may involve tailoring your itinerary to a specific area, or taking you on excursions that are not part of the package.

Culinary – This is the cornerstone of many luxury vacations, from taking local cooking classes to dining at fine restaurants. Consumers want to make a connection with the food they are eating and the local sourcing of the ingredients.

Community – Luxury travelers want to interact with others, whether in a social setting at the hotel or on tours. Providing a nightly happy hour or optional tours that are coordinated by the hotel can help to cultivate this community.

Content – A powerful tool for luxury travel brands is high-quality, inspiring content that targets both new and old customers. Using both personalised short-form content and stylish long-form content, luxury brands can inspire their audience’s imagination and drive repeat visits to their site.

In order to successfully market to this growing segment, travel marketers must be able to create and curate high-quality content that is relevant, timely, inspirational and authentic. Luxury marketers should also foster an intimate relationship with their consumers by responding to reviews, sharing posts from staff members and highlighting any special offers or discounts.

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