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You can certainly book a flight, hotel, or car through a website, but the value of a travel agent lies in their expertise and connections. They can scour the web for discounts and deals that you might not have found, and they’ll often have access to information on hotels or tours that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, they’re on call 24/7 to handle any hiccups during your trip (a cancelled flight, hotel room issue, weather event, etc).

Many people assume travel agents are expensive, but that’s not necessarily the case. Besides the obvious commissions they earn from booking airfare and accommodation, they can cut costs by leveraging their relationships with tour operators and hotels to secure upgrades and special offers. They can also save you money by purchasing prepaid services such as airport parking or rental cars on your behalf.

It’s important to choose an agent who listens to your needs and understands your travel goals. You don’t want an incompetent agent to make a costly mistake, especially when it comes to international trips or complex itineraries. Look for an agency with well-traveled employees, and consider working with a specialist in your destination of choice. They may have local contacts that you won’t find on your own, and they can offer advice on which activities are truly worth the hype, which delis are best for lunch, or how to avoid tourist traps.

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