Travel Agent near me

The good news: Even though fewer people use travel agents now than ever before, it’s still worth finding a good one. Agents know all about the destinations you’re interested in and can help you plan an epic trip — while sticking to your budget. Plus, if something goes wrong on your trip, they can act as a go-between to get things resolved.

To find an excellent travel agent near you, look for ASTA-verified advisors who have the skills and experience to plan your dream trip. Then, choose an agency with specialties in your area or your destination of choice. For example, if you’re headed to Thailand, consider working with an agency that has extensive experience in Southeast Asia. And if you’re planning a Disney vacation, seek out an agency that employs staff known as “Vacationeers.” These are travel agents who have graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge and work to craft a stress-free Disney experience for their clients.

When choosing an agency, check its BBB rating and customer reviews. It’s also helpful to find an agency that offers a variety of services, including booking flights and hotels, and can create a customized itinerary for your specific needs. Also, see if the agency offers specialty trips (like ecotourism or honeymoons) or has a team of destination specialists.

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