Travel Agent near me

Whether you’re going on an epic Disney trip or simply want to visit a new city, you can benefit from the expertise of a Travel Agent near me. But before you hand over your travel plans to someone else, test their skill by collaborating on a simple request to see how they operate and communicate. Then, when you’re ready to put your trust in an agent for a more complicated trip, give them the go-ahead to plan your entire itinerary.

In the past, airlines paid travel agencies a commission on their ticket sales, and some types of trips still require an agency’s expert eye to get right. But most of the time, a good travel agent can save you money by finding a better airfare or hotel rate than you could find on your own. Plus, they’ll often have perks, like free cruise onboard credits or room upgrades, that aren’t available to the general public.

The most important question when hiring a Travel Agent is not whether or not they charge booking fees (it’s a given now). Instead, ask what sets them apart from other agents and agencies. If they have a reputation for being honest and frank with clients, they’ll be your best bet to book a successful trip. And if you’re booking a luxury trip, be sure to ask about their relationships with cruise lines and hotels, which might let them offer you extras like shipboard credit or special fares for solo travelers.

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