Travel Agent near me

Whether you’re looking for a Cruise Agent near me or need help with all of your travel plans, a good travel agent can save you time and money. Use our search to find a CLIA credentialed travel agent who can provide the knowledge, expertise and relationships that will ensure you get the best value on your next trip.

Before the internet age, travel agencies largely depended on commissions from airlines and hotels to survive. As these dwindled, many agencies started charging fees for services—a practice that continues today. While these fees are nominal, they can add up if you’re booking multiple trips or need to make changes to existing reservations.

ConsumerAffairs research shows that not all travel agents are created equal. In fact, some can give the profession a bad name. Among other things, you’ll want to avoid anyone who is slow to respond, proposes flights that don’t meet your travel constraints or misses other important details. You also don’t want to discover a problem with your reservation while you’re thousands of miles from home.

Some travel agents earn certifications that prove their skill and professionalism, but even this is not a guarantee of service quality. Rather, these credentials may indicate that an agent has undergone coursework and passed exams to improve her ability to understand your needs and find the most cost-effective options. The customer surveys and ratings in our Ratings Tables can help you identify agencies that excel at this.

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