About Luxury Travel

Luxury travelers value privacy, high-end amenities and unique experiences. They typically make a maximum of three luxury trips per year and prefer to book offline and rely on the recommendations of a travel specialist. Often, they look for a combination of relaxing and exotic destinations with an exploration focus and taste of local culture.

The best luxury travel companies offer exceptional service, staff who get to know you and treat you like family, and food and drink that is sourced sustainably and delicious. They offer bespoke itineraries with a strong cultural dimension, quality transport options and accommodation in enchanting locations with stunning views.

International market research company YouGov segments luxury travellers into “all affluents” and “young affluents.” All affluents have incomes more than twice their national average, while young affluents are between the ages of 18-34. All affluents report that travel is highly important, with 75% indicating that it is their number one passion in life. However, the luxury experience feels out of reach for many. It is important for luxury travel brands to understand the needs of these two groups and develop more accessible luxury offerings. Authenticity is key to engaging younger generations of luxury travellers, and this can be achieved by delivering genuine experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else. For example, you might want to try blending your own wine in Argentina or hiking with an expert naturalist in Botswana. These experiences also give travellers something to share with their followers on social media, making them more appealing.

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