Luxury Travel

Traditionally, a luxury traveller was considered to be a person of high-net-worth or someone with the means and resources to enjoy a lavish holiday. However, this term has been evolving as the concept of luxury itself changes – with ideas now shifting from a focus on tangible products to an emphasis on experiences.

In the travel industry, this shift has led to hotels and tour operators becoming more creative and unique with their offerings, in a bid to resonate with the modern luxury consumer. A recent study revealed that 70 per cent of global luxury travellers want to stay in a hotel that reflects their own style and personality.

Today’s luxury travelers also demand a higher level of reassurance than their traditional counterparts. They want hotels to use temperature checks, enhanced room cleaning between guests and social distancing in restaurants and communal areas – so that they can sleep soundly at night knowing their accommodation is safe.

To keep up with this new level of expectation, luxury hotels are offering unique features and experiences, including exclusive dining options, personalised service, and premium amenities. In addition, they are sourcing their produce sustainably and building relationships with local communities to give a deeper connection to the destination.

This is a great way to engage and upsell to your existing client base, as well as attracting new clients who are looking for this sort of experience. Just remember to do your research first, before jumping into the luxury waters – and don’t be afraid to experiment with your own product offerings until you find a way to fit this niche within your business.

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