Luxury Travel

The concept of Luxury Travel has evolved and changed post pandemic, with discerning travelers seeking new experiences. Authenticity, wellness incorporated in itineraries and climate-conscious options have become the new ‘gold standard’ of luxury.

While price is not necessarily the main driver of luxury, affluent travelers do expect that their accommodation and service will be worth what they are paying for. They will not be enticed by lower prices if the experience does not match expectations.

Enrichment and authenticity are key to luxury travel, with guests looking for experiences that allow them to learn about local culture and heritage in a meaningful way. This includes cultural performances, workshops that showcase traditional crafts and techniques, as well as food and beverage offerings that offer an authentic taste of the destination.

Community also plays a crucial role in luxury travel, with guests seeking opportunities to connect with other travellers and the local community. This may include curated events or activities that bring together like-minded people to share an experience.

Luxury travellers are also increasingly interested in ways to maximize their return on investment, with many seeking loyalty programs and memberships that can provide them with elite benefits such as room upgrades, airport lounge access and special amenities during their stay. This is a great opportunity for luxury travel providers to demonstrate the value of their product and ensure they remain top-of-mind for their target audience.

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