What defines luxury travel today may vary greatly from one traveler to the next. For some, it is champagne at liftoff or a room with a private jetty or perhaps a bespoke itinerary that gives them the opportunity to see rare wild animals in their natural habitat. For others, it’s the gastronomic experience of a Michelin-starred restaurant or a stay at a property that feels like you have the place all to yourself.

Travelers today are seeking more than just a luxurious hotel or an exclusive experience, they’re looking for a deeper connection with the places and people that they visit. As a result, travel agencies are offering unique itineraries that fuse substance with style and deliver a holistic vacation.

In an effort to appeal to this new breed of luxury traveler, many cruise companies and tour groups are adding a more experiential element to their trips. For example, Trafalgar’s Stays with Stories tours include nights at historical properties such as Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg dating back to 1736, where scenes from The Sound of Music were filmed.

Choosing to work with a luxury travel agency means putting your trust in someone who has the experience and connections to transform your dream trip into something extraordinary. A good luxury travel planner will get to know you well, understand your unique interests and be able to offer personalized experiences that are tailored just for you. They can also help you get into coveted restaurants, events, or attractions that are impossible to book online or with an automated service.

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