Travel Agent near me

If you’re considering turning over your next vacation planning to an expert, consider testing the waters by working with a planner on a simple request. This will give you a sense of how the agent works with you and whether they’ll be able to provide value on your trip. For example, if you’re traveling abroad, you’ll want an agent who is aware of — and has access to — special money-saving promotions and deals.

Travel agents also provide valuable advice on security issues, obtaining visas, and other practical matters that can make or break a trip. In addition, they can help you find accommodation options, recommend activities and attractions based on your interests and preferences, and arrange transportation.

To succeed in a role like this, you’ll need strong verbal and written communication skills to work with clients in person, over the phone or email. You should also be empathetic and sensitive to the individual needs of each client. Since the industry is highly reliant on technology, you should be a quick study and willing to adapt as new applications and platforms are introduced.

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