When you’re planning a trip to Disney World and need help crafting a vacation package that fits your budget and travel dates, a knowledgeable Disney travel agent can make all the difference. But not all agents are created equal. In fact, according to the travel agents we spoke with for this article, only those who are very organized and detail-oriented can succeed in this highly competitive career.

A good travel agent should know all of the tricks of the trade, from getting you better airfare prices to finding hidden discounts and extra perks for your group. A reputable agency should also be able to negotiate with suppliers and offer you deals that aren’t available online. If you’re thinking about working with a travel agent, it’s a good idea to interview multiple pros and test them with a simple request before you book anything.

Some travelers avoid travel agents because they charge booking fees, but that shouldn’t be your main deciding factor. What’s more important is how your agent responds when you run into a problem while on vacation, such as a delayed flight or hotel overbooking.

Unlike an online travel site, a reputable travel agent will keep in touch with you throughout the process and remain on top of all the details to ensure your trip is perfect. If an agent takes too long to respond, proposes flights that don’t meet your travel constraints, or makes a booking error that impacts your vacation, it’s time to find a new one.

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