Find a BBB Accredited Travel Agent near me

The main way most travel agents make their money is through commissions from hotels and tour wholesalers. However, some agents choose to charge an hourly planning fee or a daily planning fee (like a vacation planner would). It’s always a good idea to ask how much a travel agent charges before booking with them.

A great travel agent will be able to save you money on your trip by leveraging their relationships with suppliers and their knowledge of destination-specific deals. Plus, they’ll be able to help you avoid overpaying for tours and activities by finding alternatives that fit your budget and interests.

Many travelers assume that traveling with a travel agent will cost them more than going it alone, but the opposite is often true. The savings you’ll get from the travel agents’ expertise and connections will more than offset their fees. Plus, the peace of mind and time-saving benefits that come with having a professional plan your trip will make it well worth the investment.

Travel agents also offer valuable services for group travel. They can create itineraries that keep everyone on the same page and book rooms and flights that work for multiple people with different schedules, preferences and needs. And if a problem arises during the trip, they’re on-hand to address it quickly and efficiently. Trying to do all of this on your own can be a huge headache.

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