Whether you’re an adventure seeker or just a beach-lover, Bali has it all. This Indonesian island is a tourist hotspot that is known for its gorgeous beaches, beautiful culture and spectacular landscapes.

Located in Southeast Asia, Bali is the most popular beach destination for travelers and has tons of all-inclusive resorts for family vacations. For those seeking more adventure, this Indonesian island offers jungles, waterfalls, cliffs, volcanoes and many other outdoor activities.

Bali’s main cities include Singaraja, the provincial capital; Denpasar, the national capital; Klungkung, a centre of wood carving and gold and silver crafts; Gianyar, with its market; Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua, which are major beach destinations; and Ubud, home to many temples and an art museum. Each of these towns has its own unique character and is worth exploring.

The Balinese are a generous and warm people with a fun, sly sense of humour. For example, when they see a bald tourist, the locals will exclaim ‘Bungu ujan!’ which means ‘today’s rain has been cancelled!’

To get around, most tourists rent a motorbike or car. It’s recommended to use the transportation apps Grab or Go-Jek; these will help you get to your destination fast, efficiently and inexpensively. It is also possible to hire a driver through your hotel, though this can be more expensive. If you do choose to do this, be sure to negotiate the price beforehand. Another popular option is to enjoy some of the incredible local cuisine, which includes a mix of rice, vegetables, fish and meat, often with powerful spices that are incredibly flavorful.

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