While Maldives has often been depicted as a holiday and honeymoon destination, it is home to a vibrant culture and people. The country’s rich history evolved from the various cultures that settlers brought with them over the years. Those who visit the island nation can see many traditions and practices that reflect those influences on their way around the islands and at the resorts.

Some of the highlights include matt-weaving and beautiful lacquer-work (all done by women). These handicrafts can be purchased from shops on inhabited islands or at some of the top-notch resorts. Other popular souvenirs are sarongs and hand-woven hats. Some sarongs are adorned with a traditional motif and make a wonderful keepsake of the vacation in the Maldives.

Music and dance are also big parts of the culture, with many resorts organising regular cultural performances to entertain guests. Bodu Beru is one of the most famous Maldivian dances and has clear African influences with rhythmic drumming and songs in a language similar to East African nations.

Sport is another key part of the Maldivian culture with football being the most popular sport amongst the locals. Other sports like volleyball, tennis and badminton are also played. The coral reef is a natural wonder and a popular place for diving, snorkelling and swimming. This is why many resorts offer all-inclusive holidays in the Maldives to cater for the needs of these water lovers.

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