Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

The modern ‘gold standard’ of luxury travel is less about gilt finishes and white gloves; it is about connecting travellers with local people in a meaningful way. Whether it’s staying on an uncrowded island near to the more popular Amalfi Coast or visiting a rural community for a cookery class, it is essential that luxury travel designers consider the provenance, culture and history of the destinations their guests visit.

Increasingly, consumers want to feel good about the decisions they make. This is why the best luxury travel companies focus on reducing their carbon footprint and offer responsible travel experiences that enable travellers to give back. This is a crucial factor in their brand appeal to the luxury traveler and should be integrated into everything they do, from itineraries to hotel design.

Luxury travelers are incredibly varied in their desires and needs. They are each seeking some kind of personal fulfillment – for some it may be admiring masterpiece paintings in the Louvre, while for others it could be walking on an empty beach or sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar.

They also value their time and convenience, which is why they prefer to work with a travel advisor to book their experience. An InteleTravel Advisor will handle all the details of their trip and can ensure that all aspects are booked in advance – this includes flights, hotels, tours, transfers and excursions. They will also offer insider knowledge and recommend experiences that they know their clients will love, such as blending their own wine in Argentina or taking a guided walking safari with an expert naturalist in Botswana.

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