Bali is an exotic island of swaying palm trees, looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace. Whether it’s exploring the spiritual retreats and meditation in Ubud, partying in coastal Kuta or surfing gnarly waves in Uluwatu, this Indonesian island has something to offer every traveler. Elizabeth Gilbert may have pushed the cultural hub of Ubud into the spotlight with her book Eat, Pray, Love but before that Bali was quietly pulling in yoga enthusiasts and travelers looking for a little bit of magic on a budget.

The pristine soft sand beaches are not to be missed either and can be found all across the island. You can spend a day relaxing on the beach or chilling at one of the famous club beaches like Potato Head in Seminyak or Double Six Beach in Canggu. At night you can also splurge at a massage spa or check out one of the many exciting activities like an escape room or Museum Art Trick 3D.

The best time to visit Bali is in the dry season between April and October when it’s mostly sunny and hot. The rainy season from November to March is a little bit wet but not a deal-breaker, especially when it’s raining only in the afternoon and you can be outside exploring temples or doing yoga under the canopy of nature. The only drawback is that it’s mosquito season which means you need to be extra careful and apply bug spray when going outdoors.

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