The tropical island paradise of Bali is famous for its pristine beaches, where jungle comes right up to the seashore. The waters are full of marine life and a variety of activities await those looking to get active. Bali’s lush, tropical rainforests also offer a variety of secret waterfalls and hidden forests, perfect for hiking and nature lovers. The Balinese culture is rich with a mix of Hindu and Buddhist influences which can be experienced throughout the island in the form of art, architecture, theatre performances, and ceremonies.

While Bali’s beaches are the main draw for most visitors, the mountains and volcanoes in the central part of the island are also worth exploring. The highest peak is Mount Agung, an active volcano rated as one of the world’s most likely sites for a massive eruption.

Luxury living is not hard to find in Bali, from private villas to sprawling beachfront estates. The prices are much lower than in many other parts of the world, making it an affordable place to indulge your fantasies without breaking the bank.

The Balinese are an incredibly warm and welcoming people and this extends to tourists. The island is very safe and violent crime is rare, although the number of robberies and drive-by phone snatching incidents is increasing. The best advice is to stick with a group of travellers and avoid isolated areas. It’s also a good idea to dress conservatively, especially when visiting temples and other sacred places.

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