A magical island with a deeply spiritual and unique culture, Bali stakes a strong claim as the ‘Island of the Gods’. World-class surfing and diving, awe-inspiring temples and palaces, and stunning natural scenery combine to make this tiny Indonesian gem one of the world’s most popular destinations.

From cliff-top bars to jungle-fringed working farms, soaring volcanoes to emerald green rice terraces, the Balinese are incredibly proud of their beautiful surroundings and are happy to share them with visitors. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a place in the entire island where you won’t be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

The local cuisine reflects this pride as well with many dishes combining modern and ancient influences. For example, babi guling or suckling pig (a favourite of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain) was once served at important Hindu ceremonies but is now available all over the island, from warungs to fine dining restaurants. Another must-try dish is ayam betutu, a slow-cooked chicken dish seasoned with spices, and serombotan, a spicy vegetable salad of eggplants, spinach, kale, snap peas and beans.

But there’s so much more to discover on this little tropical gem than beaches and cocktails. From awe-inspiring temples to merry traditional dances, there’s a huge amount of dazzling culture to soak up on this enthralling island. There’s also a wide range of activities to get stuck into, from hiking and cycling to yoga and rafting. And don’t miss out on trying a variety of exotic local fruit – from the spiky durian to the aromatic mangosteen.

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