With a mix of pristine beaches, evocative rice terraces, active volcanoes, and unique culture, Bali has become a top travel destination for visitors of all kinds. From backpackers to luxury travelers, everyone finds something special on this island of contrasts. Find world-class surf and black sand beaches on one part of the island, steep jungled cliffs with waterfalls on another, and vibrant coral reefs in calm bays on yet another.

While many locals and visitors of all types say the’real Bali’ feels like it has been lost to blaring commercialism and tourist traffic, there are still treasures waiting to be found. The most beautiful temples, waterfalls and villages are easily reached if you avoid the main roads. For a real experience, visit local warungs and guesthouses, and get up early to beat the crowds at temples and waterfalls.

The best time to go to Bali is between November and March. While the rainy season brings mosquitos and may make some outdoor activities impossible, it doesn’t mean it can’t be an amazing trip for those willing to explore the island a bit differently. For example, the lush forests and volcanic areas are incredibly beautiful with their green colours and sprouting vegetation in this period.

The Bali Art Festival is also a great time to visit the island, with shadow puppetry and traditional performances from Balinese artists. And don’t miss the incredible Babi Guling (suckling pig), a popular dish with rich and powerful spices that will leave you wanting more!

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