Bali is a magical destination with something to appeal to everyone, whether it’s surfing or yoga, clifftop temples or terraced rice fields, exotic sunsets or vibrant culture. This Indonesian island has become famous for its many beautiful and unique attractions and is considered a must-visit destination by travelers around the world.

Bali’s rise to fame in recent years is thanks to the hundreds of Instagrammable spots spread across the island showcasing incredible temples, waterfalls, mountains, and beaches. While some areas of the island have been heavily influenced by tourism, such as Seminyak with a plethora of insta-worthy cafes and hip bars, others are more remote preserving their authentic beauty.

If you’re an adventurer, there are countless hikes and scenic routes to explore. Moreover, the island has a plethora of water sports like rafting and jet skiing. Likewise, there are numerous activities that cater to cultural enthusiasts such as dance and music performances, temple tours, and learning to make traditional Balinese crafts like wood carvings and rattan bags.

Bali is also known for its stunning soft sand beaches. The beaches in the southern part of the island have white sand while those in the western and northern parts of the island have black sand. You can enjoy a variety of experiences at the beach such as watching the Kecak Fire Show at Uluwatu Temple or enjoying a fish BBQ on Bingin Beach.

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