The tropical island of Bali is a feast for the eyes with azure seascapes, volcanic mountain ranges and pristine rainforests. Explore ancient temples, artisan crafts and a rich culture that mixes Hindu and Buddhist influences.

Bali has a lot to offer for foodies, from street treats like laklak or sate to more substantial dishes such as babi guling and mie goreng. Don’t miss ayam betutu, a slow-cooked chicken dish flavoured with various Indonesian spices, and serombotan, a spicy vegetable salad featuring eggplants, spinach, kale, snap peas and bean sprouts.

Discover a different way of life at Bengkala, a traditional village in central Bali. Interact with locals through an interpreter and see a mesmerising dance show, made even more special by the fact that the performers can’t hear the music or thudding drum beats! The village is also home to the GWK Cultural Park, a sight to behold, with its sky-scraping statue of Wisnu riding Garuda.

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