Anguilla has a tropical though not very humid climate moderated by northeast trade winds. Its inland area is mostly low scrub and sea grape, while its coasts are lined with white-sand beaches. Visitors can choose from a wide range of water-based activities, including boat trips, glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just kicking back on the beach and letting serenity sweep in with the tides.

Tourism is Anguilla’s leading industry, but agriculture and fishing are also important. Most of the island’s food is imported; however, it has developed its own food production, particularly sugar cane. In addition to a range of restaurants, there are many small businesses providing groceries and other necessities.

The education system is based on the British model with English instruction; pupils attend school from ages 5 to 15. After passing at least four Caribbean Examination Council subjects (CXC), students may apply to university internationally.

A number of residents choose to live in Anguilla because of its warm and welcoming lifestyle. It is a very safe place to live, although minor crimes do occur such as robberies and theft of vehicles and personal belongings.

There is no income tax and very low property taxes in Anguilla, making it one of the most affordable Caribbean islands to buy a home. However, rents and other costs are higher than on the US mainland.

Those who prefer to stay on the island will find a wealth of luxury accommodation options. There are hotels and resorts offering 5-star service, private villas, and condominium residences. In addition, there are smaller properties in the Charming Escapes Collection, which offer more intimate accommodations.

The food scene in Anguilla is inspired. The cuisine blends West Indian, African, and French cooking traditions. There are several high-end gourmet restaurants, but you can also grab a bite at a relaxed roadside barbecue.

Getting around Anguilla is easy with a well-established public transportation system and frequent bus services. Anguilla International Airport (previously known as Wallblake Airport) is the main gateway to the island. It offers direct flights from the US and other regional destinations, with American Eagle operating nonstop Embraer 175 regional jet service to and from Miami in 2021.

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