Anguilla (pronounced an-gi-ill) is one of the most easterly islands in the Caribbean Sea and is a British Overseas Territory. The island’s topography is primarily flat, with the exception of the cliffs of the north coast. The island is also rich in minerals and salt, and its landscape has influenced Anguillans’ cultural identity as well. The national anthem calls Anguilla “proud, strong and free” and this spirit of independence is apparent throughout the island’s vibrant culture.

Anguillians express their joy of life through a variety of expressive mediums: from canvases of color and driftwood carvings to the sounds of steel pan music and soothing calypso. The Anguillian culture reflects a blend of stately British traditions and a lively Caribbean spirit, with the individual celebrating freedom through creativity.

A visit to Anguilla is a feast for the eyes and senses. The island’s beaches – long stretches of soft white sand and crystal clear waters – are breathtakingly beautiful. The island’s restaurants present a culinary scene that combines elegant imports and Anguillian cuisine with innovative techniques and flavors. From roadside barbecue shacks to world-class fine dining, the island has an array of food and drink to please all palates.

In keeping with the island’s culture of hospitality, Anguillians are warm and welcoming to visitors, offering a level of service that is second to none. Whether at a hotel lobby, in a restaurant or at a beach bar, the friendliness and helpfulness is evident.

The island’s rich history has shaped Anguillans into a society of family-oriented, self-sufficient people with a strong tradition of community. This is evidenced in the island’s many community and sporting activities – golf clubs, tennis facilities, a sailing school, dance and theatre groups, music programs, book clubs, charitable groups, beautification and environmental groups as well as an array of church groups that will provide you with a wide choice of enjoyable activities to choose from during your stay.

Tourism is the main industry, and Anguilla’s natural beauty, excellent accommodations, superb restaurants and friendly people have made it a destination for all tastes. In addition to luxury tourism, Anguilla’s economy depends on offshore banking, lobster fishing and remittances from emigrant workers abroad.

Anguilla is a low-tax destination, with no sales tax and an exceptionally low corporate rate. In addition, residents pay a nominal property tax.

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