The Maldives is an archipelago of more than 1200 islands in the Indian Ocean. It is a republic and the nation’s economy revolves around tourism, with scores of island resorts offering a range of accommodation options.

The country is largely Islamic, and alcohol consumption outside of resorts is prohibited. It is also a very conservative nation and non-Muslims are forbidden to enter mosques.

Culture and Heritage

The Maldives has a rich history and its traditions are deeply rooted in the local culture. Legends and folklore are very important to the people and many of them relate to the fearful sea demons that have shaped the islanders’ lives.

Food and drink

Maldives cuisine is influenced by the flavours of the surrounding countries. Fish is an essential ingredient of the local cuisine and there are a variety of seafood dishes to choose from. Coconut is another key ingredient, and is often used as a base for curries.

Crafts and souvenirs

The islanders are very creative, and this is reflected in their crafts and souvenirs. Lacquer work, mat weaving and coir rope making are just a few examples of the beautiful products that can be found on the islands.

Transportation and Logistics

Most of the Maldives are small enough to be reached by boat or seaplane (air taxi). Roads on the airport island and on resort islands are generally well-kept and safe. Motorized water taxis and speedboats are available between Male and nearby resort islands.

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